Healthcare Cost Solutions, LLC is an independent consulting firm comprised of executive-level consultants with extensive operational knowledge and experience in healthcare. We tailor our consulting services to meet the current needs of your health system.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current supply chain operations, including organization, people and technologies in use. We present specific observations, recommended changes and priorities, along with a proposed plan for implementing initiatives selected by your health system. We love to play a leading role in implementing our own recommendations.

Our combination of supply chain and clinical expertise allows Healthcare Cost Solutions (HCS) to assist in implementing initiatives with physicians, clinicians and operational leaders. We use a “coaching and mentoring” style, along with proven analytic tools and techniques, to ensure that your health system achieves the cost reduction and/or operational improvement objectives laid out. We work hard to help clients become self-sufficient in sustaining performance improvements beyond our engagement.

We blend crucial and interrelated elements and priorities of:

  • Understanding on the activities that matter most to achieving sustainable lowest costs of acquisition and operation
  • Focus on processes most critical to having required supplies and services when needed, at the lowest total delivered cost
  • Active involvement by clinicians is key to ensuring their understanding and buy-in for implementing cost reduction initiatives
  • Accurate and comprehensive spend information is the foundation for critical decision-making on products, suppliers, operational processes and clinician engagement
  • Solid technology, quality data and depth in analytics are key support mechanisms to achieving sustainable operational excellence